Building houses, General Construction for many years

Q: Why come talk to me?
A: I've been building in residential construction for over twenty years, including houses of various styles, sizes and in various areas. I believe in attention to detail and quality construction. I have established good relationships with suppliers and subcontractors. Quality is of the utmost priority.
Q: Can the house really have the colors and layout I want?
A: Your home will be built to the specifications that fit your needs. You can select your colors, styles and floorplan through custom construction. Home plans are available for review or you can custom design your home by meeting with an architect.
Q: What if I want to change something along the way?
A:You can also upgrade as you go, with price adjusted details.
Q: I don't need a new house, but can we modify or add on to my current home?
A: We also offer remodeling services as well.

From the ground up: Foundations are individually designed based upon the soil condition of your property. People build homes, not just houses, and your home will be built to your satisfaction.

Ken Hardin